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Spécialisé dans le marbre et quartz pour notre application de MOQUETTE DE PIERRE, nous travaillons en partenariat avec le groupe OMG Onyx et marbres pour la qualité de sa fabrication. Acheter Français nous donne une traçabilité sur le produit et nous permet de réaliser des tests de dureté de granulats fiables.


O.M.G ONYX Marbres et Granules








The Company


Are looking for exporter for our range of products




-We are in a world of constant technical and artistic evolution.Customers nowadays are looking for originality, reliability and the innovative side.


-This observation has allowed us to create and develop our compagny DKM DIFFUSION , a professional from the pool business gave us a hand in doing it.

The concept is original creative and unique in the coating and floor decoration field (terrace swimming pools driveways leadind to a garage for instance, stairs, showers or bathroom walls , inside outside...)

thanks to stone carpet and polished concrete.


-Stone carpet is applied on various dry and safe supports such as concrete slabs ,old tiled floors, consolidated wood etc...

-No more seals between tiles and only one same surface except expansion seals subtly hidden with our aluminium or stainless steel rails.


-Stone carpet is a draining product too and all that has just been written shows you all its advantages.


-The originality of our product :the STONE CARPET is linked to its nobility because it is about french rolled or crushed marble aggregates : used in pedestrian passageways or car driveways , or quartz aggregates for INSIDE.


-We have a wide range of colors for you and you'll certainly find a color that will suit your project

This Marble is mixed with a PU (Polyurethane) resin specially formuladed for this application (flexibility, stability over time, appearance ) free of mercury salt so as solvent, this enables us to enter the precusor field of modern ecology and also gives us a significant technological advance.


The installation of the STONE CARPET  will give your floor a unique  aspect of decoration and esthetic



A certain number of tests and lab certificates will be provided upon request to prove the veracity of our technical arguments as for quality and reliability of the installed finished product.

adapted to your personality . You'll be proposed a wide and unlimited choice of patterns and you'll be able to suggest your own vision that fits your personality


-THE STONE CARPET and AND POLISHED CONCRETE allow the realization of a concept which is impossible to do with the orther materials.



Do not hesitate  to contact us and ask questions by visiting our website.


The DKM team would like to wish you a pleasant visit in this New World of  Decoration and thanks you for visiting this site.



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Easy to apply 

. Ultra-resistant 

. homogeneous range 

. Eco-Friendly 

. Economy


POLISHED CONCRETE : Protection in the aqueous phase 


POLIEHED CONCRETE ​​  Interior and exterior application 


POLISHED CONCRETE : Satin finished , colorless 


 POLISHED CONCRETE : Very resistant to abrasion


POLISHED CONCRETE :  Perfect chemical neutrality after drying


POLISHED CONCRETE :   Resisting oil , coffee , soda, alcohol, diesel


POLISHED CONCRETE :   Resisting to aggressive cleaning products


POLISHED CONCRETE : Resisting to ultraviolet rays .


New generation of Polished concrete , product of  professionnal  quality  adapted to private individuals  

Allows you to realize all your indoor and outdoor projects.

We are looking for  polished  concrete layers and retailers on several departments.


The latest generation of polished concrete brings solidity , reliability on  all supports, it does not crack any more and   a thickness  of 2 mm is  enough for polished concrete, there are several  choices in colors  (polished concrete).